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Online Registration

You may fill in your registration for Wellesley Idol here, and submit it electronically. Once we receive your registration, we will respond by email to confirm receipt. If you do not receive a confirmation by email, please use the Contact Us page to contact our team to confirm your registration.

Please note that we limit registration to the first 20 registered participants.

Your registration will NOT be complete until we also have:

  1. A signed authorization from a parent/guardian for your child to participate.
  2. A signed Media Consent form in which you indicate whether or not you consent to our use of your child’s picture or likeness.
  3. A photo of your child for internal use only, to identify your child to our team.

Items 1. and 2. above will be sent to you by email upon receipt of your registration form, and all three items above can be returned by scanning and emailing to us.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us page to reach our team.