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Tim Louis

    As a jazz singer and pianist, Tim Louis offers something very special. His voice is his own and his talents appeal to those of us who crave warm retro feelings but want something fresh and new.

    Louis has been described as a triple-threat talent: singer, songwriter and pianist. As a performer, Louis connects with his audience through his warm and inviting personality. His vocal and piano work is both confident and relaxed. Self–assured, he possesses maturity in his writing, creating songs that are meaningful yet avoid the obvious. Born in New Jersey, Louis earned a BA in Music from Rutgers University before moving to the New York scene.

    A move to Canada brought with it a period of youthful exuberance as he took his musical talents and dallied in rock and country bands, looking for where he felt he belonged. Truth be known, he was also following a Canadian gal to her home in Kitchener-Waterloo. They married and she was instrumental to bringing him back to jazz. Yet it’s his appreciation for other genres of music which distinguishes his personal style. He interprets other artists through his jazz filter – injecting their influence into his definition of contemporary jazz.

    Constant writing and recording (three CDs in his catalogue and counting) combined with countless shows deepened his command of songwriting and performing. Tim’s collection of original tunes are diverse yet naturally meld with one another. They have enabled him to share his talent across many thousands of miles and many performances for audiences including Presidents, Prime Ministers and British royalty (Bill Clinton, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, Justin Trudeau and Prince Andrew to name a few). His personable expression might take the shape of a solo show, small jazz combos or, with his performances with the Big Band Theory, in front of a 21-piece ensemble. He has also performed with the KW Symphony, arranging and orchestrating scores.